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The Online Platform Bringing Black Artists to The World



The Online Platform Bringing Black Artists to The World

When Alice Gbelia was looking for interior design inspiration for her new home she struggled to find an outlet in which to buy the kind of artwork she was looking for: something that reflected her African heritage and love for black pop culture. The gap in the market inspired her to create Ayok’a, an online store which sells beautiful designs using art by black artists.


Launched in October 2017, Ayok’a shares the story behind each piece of artwork while presenting it in a stylish, fun and original format.  The site features a variety of black artists from around the world including Delphine Alphonse, Pauline N’Gouala, Nyanza D, Parys Gardener and TEDA; creative visionaries who do not get the wider international recognition that they deserve. These artists break away from the sometimes myopic perspectives that society has of black art and they present refreshing new narratives around feminism, colourism, the LGBTQ community and so much more.

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From a social impact perspective, Ayok’a aims to address the lack of representation in art particularly with regards to the inclusion of black artists. The issue of diversity and inclusion in the art world has meant that many marginalised communities do not have access to the art world and underrepresented groups are not given platforms to showcase their talent. The site opens up a whole new world for people who have been restricted by the traditional gatekeepers of the art world; making it art affordable and accessible to all.  

“The black community is full of talent. I’ve made it a mission to help shine a light on this talent.” - Alice Gbelia

The platform empowers artists to generate profit from their art, so that they can continue to do what they do best. They create the art, Ayok’a produces the goods and customers enjoy art in new and dynamic ways.  Customers choose the artwork they love and have it printed their way: fine art prints, phone cases, greeting cards or t-shirts which can be delivered across Europe and North America.  The greeting cards range of products will give people a chance to share their love of art with their loved ones in a bold and creative way – increasing the reach of these artists on a global scale.

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Website: http://www/

Launch date: 16 October 2017, in the UK

Founder’s Bio

Alice Gbelia is the founder and CEO of Ayok’a. Prior to founding Ayok’a, Alice has worked in the digital industry for 15 years, as Content Manager/Strategist for media and e-commerce companies. Back in 2008, she founded an online culture magazine celebrating African and Caribbean culture in London that went on win several blog awards. This passion for black art & culture and expertise in digital media led her to create Ayok’a.

Meet The Female Entrepreneurs Joining Forces To Showcase Black British Business Excellence


Meet The Female Entrepreneurs Joining Forces To Showcase Black British Business Excellence


Three London based businesswomen have joined forces to organise an event which showcases Black British Business excellence. The “Sow-Full” event will illuminate Black British excellence in the UK and prove that the black community has substantial economic power. A 2018 Nielsen report* based in the USA highlighted that while African Americans make up 14% of the population, they are responsible for over $1.2 trillion in purchases annually. Whilst this report uses data from the US, there is something to be said about the growing economic power of Black Brits.

Sow-full has been launched by three friends; Alysia Sealy, Linda Nantege and Zara Hakala-Murdoch, who saw a need in the market to create a platform that enables black businesses to promote their products and services to a wider audience. London is home to over 1.2m Black Londoners from the African and Caribbean diaspora. With the continued growth of entrepreneurship in the black community, Sow-full aims to highlight the importance of supporting black businesses as they play a vital role in the community’s sustainability.


The Sow-full pop-up event, which takes place on June 3rd 2018 will raise awareness of a wide variety products and services that are available within the black community. It will be a day of socialising and shopping in a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Sow-full aims to provide black businesses and entrepreneurs with a platform of inspiration and will provide the new generation of black entrepreneurs with the relevant information and resources to build and maintain successful businesses.

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Event tickets:


·         Exclusive Goodie bags and a glass of bubbly on arrival for the first 50 attendees

·         Vibes FM Award Winning 'Lea Bros' DJs

·         African/Caribbean dinner boxes and refreshments for sale

·         Black Economics & Buying Power seminars featuring industry guest speakers

·         Spoken word from the The Love Dealer aka Lianne Murray Author of Soul Speak: A rendition of love

·         Entertainment for children (free entry for children under 12)

Founders’ Bios

Alysia Sealy is a mother of one, founder of fashion blog BOUXJIE LDN, UAL marketing graduated who is currently managing the back office of her family business. She is always up to something; brainstorming an idea, embarking on a new business venture or encouraging someone else on their own journey. Alysia describes herself as a self-confessed solution-seeker trying to save the world from heartache, kitten heels and illogical thinking. In 2016 she read a Nielsen report which outlined black buying power and inspired her to write a 10,000 word report analysing and exploring this possibility. From this moment her passion for black unity and excellence began.

A BA Hons graduate Linda Nantege is currently working in the Teaching profession as part of her journey to becoming a professional Teacher. She loves fitness and loves meeting people from different backgrounds. Being a part of a multicultural society she believes it is essential to be able to formulate relationships regardless of ethnicities, this is by respecting individual cultures. She is family orientated and as a mother knows the importance of a family unit, as it impacts on personal growth and identity. She is a strong believer in acquiring knowledge and understanding, which she can implement as apart of her own personal development and to help others, as applied knowledge is power. One of her personal goals is to be an inspiration to her kids and the younger generation, to show them that through hard work and dedication they can achieve their goals and be anything they want to be.

Zara Hakala-Murdoch is a mother of two, currently working within social housing. Driving change and making an impact in other’s lives is extremely important to her and she is known to always offer words of advice and sound wisdom and this is why she feels that being a co-founder of the Sow-full team is extremely important and will help to shape the future generations economical growth. Having tried her hand at a few business ventures herself, she understands that there are often difficulty in raising brand awareness and has a strong belief that this platform will be one that has potential to change that.

*Black Dollars Matter: The Sales Impact of Black Consumers - 2018

Wow Beauty Launches ‘My Beauty Journey’

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Wow Beauty Launches The ‘My Beauty Journey’ Series


Beauty and Wellbeing site Wow Beauty is to launch a brand new feature series on their website called ‘My Beauty Journey. This is a series of features from women across the world talking about their journey to self-love and self-acceptance which aims to inspire and empower others to do the same.

Founder Denise Rabor says Real beauty is about the whole you… inner and outer you. ‘My Beauty Journey’ is about women empowering women to ‘own their beauty’ by sharing their journey. It is very rare to find a woman of any age who hasn’t struggled with some aspect of this journey and it may be that you’re still in the struggle BUT at Wow Beauty we believe that the struggle is where authenticity lives. This is why I started My Beauty Journey.

The 1st journey begins on Tuesday 17th April 2018.


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About Denise Rabor


Denise Rabor has been making a living from her passion for makeup and beauty as an international make-up artist for over 15 years. In her latest entrepreneurial venture, Businesswoman Denise, who has worked with major publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, ELLE & Vanity Fair, is set to shine a spotlight on inclusivity in the beauty industry.  Her love of beauty, makeup and wellbeing inspired her to become a self-taught make-up artist who sees no rules in beauty. By embracing difference and working with women of different ethnicity and ages, she sees the unique beauty in them all.

WOW Beauty is a beauty website designed to ignite the reader’s passion for beauty - in all its diverse forms. With stunning imagery, in-depth beauty features, product reviews and expert analysis, WOW Beauty is the comprehensive guide to looking and feeling empowered. 

wow beauty