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Ariatu PR continues to excel in media relations campaigns, with clients attracting media opportunities across TV, Radio, Magazines, Blogs, Podcasts and more. Many businesses and entrepreneurs seek media profiling as a way to enhance their brand visibility and credibility to their target audience, so getting a media interview right can really ensure that you build your reputation.  Watch this video by Ariatu PR founder, Ronke Lawal on how to prepare for your very first media interview to ensure that you get the most out of the experience and the subsequent coverage.

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Africa Meeting of The Econometric Society and the African School of Economics to be Held in Benin


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Africa Meeting of The Econometric Society and the African School of Economics to be Held in Benin

african school of economics

The Econometric Society and the African School of Economics (ASE) announced today that the 2018 Africa Meeting of the Econometric Society (AfES 2018) will be hosted by the ASE at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Cotonou, Benin, from July 12 to 14, 2018.

The main objective of AfES 2018 is to promote the use of mathematics and statistical tools to better understand economic trends in order to craft better economic policy. Although the global outlook in recent years has been more optimistic, most of the world’s economies have become increasingly complex and multifaceted, with trends driven by psychological, historical and political factors. In addition to the traditional economic fundamentals (savings rate, technological progress, population growth, etc.), factors such as risk and trust attitudes, electoral accountability, and citizen empowerment are now perceived as drivers of growth and prosperity. Analytical and quantitative tools are increasingly required to make sense of the complex patterns of human behavior that determine economic outcomes (i.e. the allocation of scarce resources). As many developing countries often fail to design “good” markets and government institutions, the Econometric Society has been pushing for stronger training of young economists in topics such as advanced statistics, decision theory, and optimization; ASE shares this commitment to using mathematics and statistics to generate cutting-edge economic research and to train the next generation of African economists. On a more practical level, this type of training can lead to a wide range of new job opportunities in government as well as the banking, agriculture and technology sectors.

AfES 2018 features some of the premier economists from around the world, including Roger Myerson (University of Chicago), 2007 Nobel Laureate for his pioneering research in Game Theory and Mechanism Design; Tim Besley (London School of Economics), a specialist in the economics of the public sector; and Eliana la Ferrara (Bocconi University), a development economist.

AfES 2018 also features some of the most renowned economists from Africa and the Caribbean, including Jean- Pierre Benoit (London Business School), Renee Bowen (University of California San Diego), Nour Meddahi (Toulouse School of Economics), Victor Murinde (School of Oriental and African Studies), Cesaire Meh (Bank of Canada), and rising stars such as Moussa Blimpo (World Bank), Illenin Kondo (University of Notre Dame), Habiba Djebbari (University of Aix-Marseille), Pierre Nguimkeu (Georgia State University), Ismael Mourifie (University of Toronto), and Micaela Sviatschi (Princeton University) to name a few. The conference is organized by Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton University), founder of ASE, and Prosper Dovonon (Concordia University).

 Leonard Wantchekon

Leonard Wantchekon

Substantive topics covered include financial inclusion, education and human capital accumulation, infrastructure and regional development, agricultural productivity and poverty alleviation, economic history, culture, and long term economic development.

The conference will be preceded by a Summer Institute in Economic Theory, Econometrics, Development and Trade.

Press enquiries: Ronke Lawal & Ben Martin (TRUE)

Notes to Editor

Leonard Wantchekon is the Founder of the African School of Economics which is based in Benin. He is also a Professor of Politics and an affiliate of the Economics Department at Princeton University. Full bio here:


How To Get The Most Out of Media Coverage

Many business brands seek media profiling as a way to enhance their brand visibility and credibility to their target audience. Earned media coverage is a great way to gain brand recognition for your business and can work side by side with your overall PR and marketing strategy. Achieving press coverage for your business or personal brand is exciting but the work doesn’t just end when you achieve the coverage. You have to make sure that you amplify the coverage and monitor audience response and reaction to it. You can achieve lots of media coverage which can have little impact on your business if you don’t know how to use it, in this video Ronke Lawal provides some tips on how to use it and make as much of an impact as possible.