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Media Training

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This 1 to 1 media training session is ideal for any brand ambassadors or business owners who will be undertaking media interviews for the first time.

The training will cover brand awareness, tone, public speaking, personal branding and media relations. We will also undertake scenarios in which you will learn how to handle various stages of media attention. It will include a 2 hour Skype or face to face Session and written follow up summary.

Cancellations* must be made within 7 days of order being placed. After which point a refund will be made less a £50 termination fee. This is based on no work being undertaken. If work has already commenced services are not refundable but transferable.

Cancellations on the grounds of a change of business circumstances.

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This robust media training session will give business owners the tools required to improve media relations and undertake successful media interviews with confidence.