How Entrepreneurs can use Social Media Without Losing their Minds.

Too often people complain that  they can't keep up with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but when using social media for business remember that your intention has to be clear, you do not have to be on every single platform in order to make an impact. If you focus on the platforms that your customers/clients engage with you the most on and the social media platform which can make an impact on your business brand you will see that using social media can be a great way to raise your brand visibility. It really is not complicated but some people spend too much time trying to over-complicate things. Remember that there are plenty of tools out there to help you to automate and manage your social media platforms find one that suits your needs; here are just a few recommendations:

  • Buffer - A dynamic multi-platform social media platform, very easy to use and great for automation

  • TweetDeck - Twitter management platform which allows you to manage multiple accounts, really good if you are a big twitter fan

  • HootSuite - Social media management platform which allows you to manage multiple accounts.

  • - a powerful automation platform which allows you to share content

  • - a community management platform which allows you to engage with your follows and monitor your list of followers/who you follow.

Much like anything in life once you learn how to use  a platform and get into the habit of using it (mindfully) you will start to see an impact without feeling overwhelming. Remember you control social media, don't let it control you!

In this video I provide some straightforward advice on how to use social media mindfully without becoming overwhelmed by it!

How To Use Dating Principles For Public Relations Success

Public Relations at its core is all about relationships and how to maintain quality relationships between a brand/business and their target audience. This is why communications is central to PR; wherever there are strong communications there are strong relationships. Using the right words in the right way can influence an audience and make them fall in love with your brand, become loyal to it and forgive it when it makes a mistake. I thought it would be interesting to use some dating principles to illustrate how brands can drive forward their PR success. This fun but functional video will give you some key dating principles which you can use to enhance your PR success in business or for your personal brand. It's a fun way to look at a strategic vision for raising brand visibility.

The principles are straightforward but if used strategically they can make an impact.