Meet Woni Spotts - The First Black Woman to Travel to Every Single Country and Continent in the World


Meet The First Black Woman to Travel to Every Single Country and Continent in the World

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California-born, Woni Spotts’ love for travel began as a child when she accompanied her parents, who were in the entertainment industry, on international tours. This love was further deepened when she hosted a documentary at high school aged 15, from 1979 to early 1982, which allowed her to travel extensively and she set herself the goal of visiting every country in the world.  Despite being an accomplished musician, songwriter, pianist, and animator, Woni decided not to follow in her family's entertainment footsteps and instead she decided to explore the world. Her father supplemented her education with a global perspective which often clashed with the accepted narrative taught in traditional schools. As time passed Woni refused to sit in a classroom regurgitating spoon-fed “facts” and decided to go into the world to discover the truth. This is where her journey of exploration began. She established a successful eCommerce company which not only helped her fund her travels but also gave her more freedom and control over her time.

In September 2018 Woni reached the goal of visiting every country and continent in the world and received an official travel certificate from the Traveler’s Century Club on April 19th 2019. During the mid-2000s, Woni toured Monaco, France, and Southern Europe. Between 2014 and 2018, Woni visited Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, Turkey, The UK (England, Scotland, Wales) Ireland, Iceland, Lieichtenstein, Switzerland, Canada, Belize, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Samoa, Australia, India, Cambodia, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Tanzania, China, Mongolia and Kazakhastan.

Some places of particular interest that she visited were not officially countries including:
Greenland, Antarctica(4 territories), Tahiti, Easter Islands, The Galápagos, Hawaii, Transnistria, Western Sahara, Socotra, Tibet, and The Canary Islands. Nearly 40 years and 33 countries later, the journey has been completed. 195 countries visited as well as 22 territories.

“I am a life-long vegan and a fierce defender of animals and the earth, and I am committed to elevating vulnerable people worldwide. I want my story to inspire and encourage others to explore and also cherish/take care of this planet by sharing the incredible stories of the people that I met along the way in a book that I am writing about my travel experiences”. – Woni Spotts

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Acknowledgement to Nolan Davis, journalist and the author of Six Black Horses researched and advised on each location for the documentary film Passing Through (limited release 1989). Nolan, an integral part of the production acted as a writer, historian, support system, and safety advisor.

Special thanks to Jacada Travel, Abercombie and Kent, Steppes Travel, Kensington Tours, Enchanting Travels, TCS World Travel- Around the World by Private Jet. - Travelers Century Club

About Woni Spotts

Woni Spotts was born in Los Angeles to Roger and Betty Spotts in 1964. Woni attended school on the East coast where she has family in the Mid Atlantic area and New York. Beginning in High school Woni was the host of a documentary which allowed her to travel extensively. After the documentary ended, Woni developed an eCommerce company which helped fund her solo travel. Woni, a life long vegan and a fierce defender of animals and the earth, is committed to elevating vulnerable people worldwide, by sharing their incredible stories in a book she's writing about her experiences while traveling.