This London Born Nigerian Chef Wants to Feed John Boyega but for Now She’s Happy to Feed The World

This London Born Nigerian Chef Wants to Feed John Boyega but for Now She’s Happy to Feed The World

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Since the launch of her business, Tokunbo's Kitchen, 2 years ago Tokunbo Koiki has fed over 5000 peoplehaving successfully operated at 6 street food festivals, hosted 9 pop-up and supper clubs events and completed 3 in-house chef residencies. In 2017 the business hosted an on-going residency at a Boutique hotel in North London with 80 - 100 covers per service, serving Nigerian Food to a demographic that had never tasted many of the dishes that were on the menu. Ultimately she would love to feed the likes of John Boyega and Anthony Joshua, proud British-Nigerians who are making waves internationally but for now she’s happy to feed the world.

On Saturday 16th September Tokunbo and her team will be celebrating this Two year milestone with an anniversary gala.  The event will be a celebration of Tokunbo’s Nigerian heritage as well as paying homage to her duel identity as a black British businesswoman.  Tokunbo’s Kitchen prides itself on being a food experience for people from all cultures to experience and enjoy authentic Nigerian food. Tokunbo serves wholesome Nigerian food, often presented in the same way that it would be eaten on the streets of Lagos. The anniversary gala menu will feature authentic Nigerian dishes, including Tokunbo’s signature dish Beef Ayamase and Spicy Coconut Prawns and a welcome drink of Nigerian palm wine or chapman. 

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The high standard which Tokunbo has set for her business and the success that she has consistently achieved has resulted in an invitation to participate at the New York African Restaurant week. This three-week long culinary event is a celebration of African cuisine. Chef Tokunbo will be joining well-established restaurants and chefs from across the world to host her first international Pop-Up, fulfilling her mission of promoting African food as part of a global culinary movement.

“Tokunbo's Kitchen is a space and opportunity for people to experience and enjoy the type of delicious home cooked Nigerian food I grew up eating. My overall goal is to have Nigerian cuisine as a favourite choice on the London food landscape and to feed John Boyega, he’s such a great role model. I started Tokunbo's Kitchen here in London as this is a city that has shaped me into the proud British-Nigerian woman I am.” Tokunbo Koiki, Founder of Tokunbo’s Kitchen.

“African food is the bomb! So it was with much merriment and excitement, that I attended Tokunbo’s Kitchen ‘Oya Come Chop’ (a Nigerian Supperclub).   If you want the opportunity to enjoy authentic Nigerian food, or simply want to experience new tastes and flavours, be sure to check out. Tokunbo’s Kitchen” – Yo Lisa, Food & Lifestyle journalist and vlogger at Yo Yum Tum.

With dedication, motivation and the sheer desire to introduce Nigerian food to a more global market Tokunbo Koiki  wants Nigerian food to become the next big food trend. A trend that lasts in the UK and across The Western Hemisphere.

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Notes To Editor

NY African Restaurant Week takes place in October 2017

Tokunbo’s Kitchen 2017 Journey:

Green Rooms Hotel Residency 4th July - 6th August
Saturday 12th August - Erith Lighthouse Summer series pop up
Unwined Residency 18th May - 25th June
Conversations in Tokunbo's Kitchen supper club series
Blue House Yard Street Food Market started Wednesday 28th (ongoing weekly market Weds-Fri)
3 day pop up at Craving Coffee in Tottenham #TottenhamSocial  
4 weeks residency at Northcote Pub Leyton in April
Africa at Spitafields Bank Holiday May 28th
African Food and Drink Takeover at Africa Utopia Southbank 13th - 16th May
Walthamstow Garden Party 15th and 16th July
Several collaborations with other foodies and brands

More about Tokunbo

In 2012, Tokunbo was selected to be part of the prestigious Atlas Service Corps, a leadership development fellowship program in the U.S. She lived and worked in Washington D.C. supporting vulnerable and homeless adults through provision of daily meals, case management and advocacy work. When she is not in the kitchen she loves to dance. She is a mother of one and enjoys travelling and celebrating the beauty and diversity of the continent of Africa. Tokunbo completed her university education in London and used her degrees to pursue her passions as a committed advocate for children and women’s rights with cross-cultural experience of working internationally across three continents. It was this passion for cross-cultural experiences and bringing people together that planted the seed of a dream in Tokunbo’s heart.

Company Profile

At Tokunbo’s Kitchen, the motto is for guests to feel like royalty. The aim is to ensure that everyone dines like one. Expect taste buds to be delighted by colourful dishes bursting with lavish flavours of herbs and spices. Tokunbo’s Kitchen guarantees that you will leave with a newfound appreciation for Nigerian cuisine and culture. Tokunbo’s Kitchen provides private chef and supper club experiences for food lovers seeking to experience new tastes and flavours in an exclusive setting.