The Black Farmer Launches #thisismysoul Photo Story Campaign

Everybody has a story to tell...  Everybody has a soul which brings their story to life.

In anticipation of The Black Farmer’s ground-breaking new TV commercial which offers a glimpse into the soul of its founder Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, the brand has launched #thisismysoul –  inviting people from all walks of life from across the UK to share their stories on #thisismysoul at

Wilfred’s own story shapes everything he does.  From his own humble beginnings in Jamaica and then inner-city Birmingham, to TV director, to buying his Devon farm and his now hugely successful The Black Farmer brand, you can catch a glimpse into the soul that makes this man so formidable.  “The importance of sharing our stories, unites us, makes us stronger.  I find people and their stories endlessly fascinating and enriching.  I never stop learning and being amazed at what drives and inspires us.  We can learn so much from each other,”says Wilfred.   

And what of Wilfred’s soul?  “I just love Flamenco dancing.  I also love Morris dancers and British eccentricity.  I want to celebrate the traditional side of being British and reclaim the flag to show that nationalism is not just the preserve of the sports field.  Championing rural Britain is in my soul.”  And that’s just the start.

#thisismysoul offers a window into the lives and loves of all sorts of individuals and gives us an insight into what makes us all so different and yet so alike.  Every week The Black Farmer will share different stories across social media and  It is open to everyone who would like to share their story.

For a sneak preview of The Black Farmer #thisismysoul commercial watch:


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Michaela Pain

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Notes To Editor

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

Entrepreneur, Game Changer


Wilfred is a classic entrepreneur and has an “anything is possible” attitude to everything he approaches – even his health.


Within a year of his close brush with death from Leukaemia and a stem cell transplant which confined him to a hospital bed for the best part of 2014, and still in the early days in his recovery, Wilfred is fired up and ready for a new a challenge.  Always a game changer, this time he is shaking up the well established world of tv advertising.


And serendipity has played its part.  Having appointed London-based agency Big Eyes to create his brand’s first ever tv commercial, a chance remark led to Wilfred joining forces with his directing hero, the legendary industry bad-boy Tony Kaye.  Both bringing to the table formidable history of creative histrionics the chemistry and creative fireworks were immediate and game changing.


#thisismysoul the resulting commercial is less a food brand commercial, more a work of art.  In a few seconds this film opens a window on The Black Farmer’s soul – a pulsating high action assault on the senses, a very fair representation of the man himself.  Set in his rural idyll in Devon it sees Wilfred indulging in his passions of Morris dancing and Flamenco.  A ground breaking commercial – sausages have never been advertised in this way before.  See a sneak preview of the ad:


Driven by his love of rural life and traditions, 2016 will see Wilfred embark on a national tour of the UK to share the joys of Morris dancing – in his bid to close the rural/urban divide.


Credited with being the first black farmer in the UK, Wilfred has risen from humble beginnings, first in Jamaica and then inner-city Birmingham, to overcome the odds, buy a small farm on the Devon/Cornwall border and launch one of the most successful new food brands in the UK – The Black Farmer, whose range of gluten free sausages that now occupy the number one spot as UK’s top selling super premium sausage brand.   


Offering great tasting gluten free products using high welfare protein is Wilfred’s promise to his consumers and he works hard to raise awareness of Coeliac disease.


Wilfred’s life journey has taken him on an interesting route.  He left school with no qualifications, a difficult student and undiagnosed dyslexic.  After an unsuccessful episode in the army, for a number of years Wilfred worked as a chef, before pursuing a career in the BBC, becoming a producer/director mainly working on food and drink programmes.  He is credited with bringing many of the top celebrity chefs to the small screen including Gordon Ramsay, Antony Worrall-Thompson, Brian Turner and James Martin. 


As well as taking time to write a cookery book published by Simon & Schuster and give motivational talks to young entrepreneurs, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Marketing by Plymouth University.


Reflecting Wilfred’s own story, The Black Farmer supports Leuka cancer charity; British Dyslexic Association and CHICKS – providing respite breaks for disadvantaged children in the UK.


Flavours without Frontiers – the promise offered by his products also goes a long way to sum up his personality. He will not be confined by race, convention or tradition.