Tantric Beauty Series From The Invizibles Wants Advertisers To Pay Attention To Women 40+



Tantric Beauty Series From The Invizibles Wants Advertisers To Pay Attention To Women 40+

·         Funny, sexy series is set in a spa that turns into a high-class brothel for women aged 40+

Friday July 29th 2016 marked a significant milestone for women over 40 everywhere, with the launch of the screen series, Tantric Beauty, the first from content creation company The Invizibles.

Founder of The Invizibles, and writer/director of the series, Jane Evans, says the company has self-funded the pilot of Tantric Beauty as a showcase for advertisers looking for better channels to talk to the valuable 40+ female market – without diluting their brand or alienating a younger audience.

Jane Evans, Founder of The Invizibles

Jane Evans, Founder of The Invizibles

“The market of women over 40 represents a highly valuable audience for brands, and on the evidence of the current marketing out there, many advertisers are either unaware of their value, or just don’t know where and how to communicate with them.

“With Tantric Beauty, we want to encourage advertisers to think differently about this market, especially given there are 8.5 million of them in the UK alone.” The series is seeking brand sponsors to get on board and support the need for communicating to these women.

The Invizibles has drawn a staggering picture of this audience, gathering together stats from various sources that, according to Jane, has never been put together into such a comprehensive understanding of what these women represent.

“Our audience controls 93% of the household spending, compared to around 85% for all-women. Their spending tops a whopping £92bn annually,” she said.

If this wasn’t enough evidence for marketers, Jane says there are even more astounding facts that, when viewed together, reveal some insights into how and where to communicate with these women.

“When I read a statistic that said one in two women over 40 were the chief income earner in their household, I knew I needed to unpack the reasons for this, given that women still earn considerably less than men in most fields. How could this figure be right?

“It makes sense when you learn that half of women in their early forties are divorced, and living in single-income households.”

Tantric Beauty was created for this audience, about this audience, says Jane.

“The series tells the story of a group of women who save their failing spa by turning it into a high-class brothel, staffed by beautiful men whose only desire is the complete satisfaction of their customers – the lucky women of Dulwich Village,” Jane says.

She adds that the audience is both internet-savvy and disillusioned by their treatment generally in society.

“A survey out this month found eight out of 10 women over 50 think they have become invisible to men,” says Jane, “and seven out of 10 feel overlooked by the fashion industry. By supporting a series such as Tantric Beauty, brands can have it both ways – the beautiful young bods in a major campaign for a lingerie brand, for example, while complementing that by entertaining the group of female consumers who spend the most.”

With so many of the 40+ female market divorced and a fair proportion of them on the dating scene, the comedic story of Tantric Beauty will find a receptive audience.

“Our audience face a challenging world when it comes to dating. While at 26, women have more online pursuers than men, by 48 men have double the number of online pursuers than their female counterparts,” says Jane.

“It’s time these women received the attention they deserve as funny, clever, stylish, not to mention powerful. We have created a series that wraps all of that together and we hope that brands will see the benefits.”

The Invizibles are building the Tea Break TV platform, which will feature films and series where brands and services are weaved seamlessly into the storylines.

We treat brands as characters, our years of advertising communication training combined with the rigour of screenwriting structure, allows us to incorporate brand promises, not just product placement into stories in a completely relevant way.

Jane has had a spectacular career as an advertising creative in both London and Sydney, where she created some of Australia's most iconic brands. After working with some of the world's leading strategists in branded entertainment, Jane took the unprecedented step of putting her career on hold to learn the skill of screenwriting to give her the skillset, she studied at the NFTS and the BFI.

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Notes To Editors:

Members of the public can view the series here: http://www.tantricbeauty.com

Brands are invited to become involved as sponsors.  The Invizibles recommends brands find more information here: http://www.tantricbeauty.com/brands