British-Nigerian Entrepreneur Launches Nigerian “Doughnut” Mix in the UK


British-Nigerian Entrepreneur Launches Nigerian “Doughnut” Mix in the UK

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MoJollof UK Ltd is an online African food delivery service founded by Omolara Tayo-Sobajo in Derby (UK) on the 1st of Oct 2017. Her passion for food and the lack of variety of Nigerian and West African cuisine businesses in the midlands gave Omolara the desire to fill a gap in the market.  It did not take long for the business to grow and innovate. Innovation came in the form of the MoFoods Puff-puff and Buns recipe mixes which became a core part of the company’s menu when over 10,000 pieces of ready-made puff-puff were served hot and ready to customers within a year. Omolara decided to turn this demand into a new business brand under the company’s umbrella and launched the original Nigerian flavour MoFoods Puff-puff mix and Buns mix range in 2018. Puff-puff are a type of dough ball; comparative to what The West would call a “Doughnut” and are extremely popular across Nigeria and many other parts of Africa (under different names).  Buns use the similar ingredients as puff-puff but are thicker and not as fluffy.

Puff-puff and Buns are popular snacks in Nigeria, fried and sold on road sides and served as starters in parties and at special occasions. As popular as puff-puff is, it requires some skill as ingredients must be in right proportion to achieve the right fluffy texture, taste and aroma. By giving consumers an easy way to recreate these popular snacks at home the MoFoods range of mixes will bring an authentic taste of Nigeria to UK homes.    

“Puff-puff is to Nigerians what doughnuts are to Americans and we need the world to know!” – Omolara Tayo-Sobajo


With MoFoods Puff-puff and buns mix cooking is made easier and can be done by anyone simply by following the tried, tested and approved cooking instructions. You can never go wrong with MoFoods Puff-puff and buns mix served as deserts, with tea or your favourite drink.

This range of snack mixes is another indication that food from the African continent is ready to make waves across the world.

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Notes to editor

All products are produced in Derby UK. Free UK shipping. Wheat Flour is used and these products are suitable for Vegans.

Omolara also runs MoMineral UK (A makeup and beauty business initially formulated for Women of Colour and recently increasing range of shades to also care for Caucasian skin.