Childrenswear Fashion Designer Wants Children To See Endless Possibilities With Blog Campaign

Amanda Rabor is the classic Millennium woman, mother, partner, daughter, sister, business woman, and eternal student, trying to have it all and loving every minute of it! She has a teenage son and a wonderful husband who helps her to achieve all that she has achieved. Family is extremely important to Amanda which is part of the inspiration behind The "I Am Possible" blog campaign, her support network has enabled her to truly believe that anything is possible.

“I Am Possible” is about the unification of our passion, style and individuality; empowering each and every child to say 'I Am Possible'

Isossy Children has always been about breaking down the visible and invisible cultural barriers that exist in the world through fashion. In cities across the world diversity should be celebrated and Isossy Children is at the forefront of this, creating global clothing for Babies, Kids and Tweens. It is no longer simply about uniting colours, it's about giving kids and parents choices through fashion and empowering the next generations. 

The Isossy Children label creates stylish, meticulous collections drawn from African, Asian and Western influences. Amanda designs all the pieces and is part of the complete design process which has been very important as it's a reflection of her creativity and growth. She uses plenty of African Ankara designs from West Africa as well as batiks from Thailand and India to celebrate global diversity.

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