London Based Luxury Fashion Designer Seeks to Showcase Fashion for Older Women


London, UK – Atiti Sosimi launched Eyato in January 2013 after years of designing and creating shoes, handbags and coats for herself and close friends.  Atiti’s passion for style and fashion is translated through her exclusive designs which are aimed at women aged 40 and beyond. When fashion is so often focused towards representing younger women, Eyato celebrates the fabulous sense of style, grace and elegance that older, seasoned women encapsulate.

Eyato is stylish, sexy and full of attitude. Eyato says ‘You can't help but notice me... for all the right reasons’, it's indulgent without apology (and "why the heck not?"), you work hard enough after all” Says Atiti Sosimi, who wants older women to feel fabulous.

Eyato launched its AKOKO Collection in 2014, with editorial images using older female models. The range reflects Eyato's signature eclectic styles cutting across seasons with tunics, coats, capes, shawls, mules, boots and handbags.

Eyato means “Distinct from any other, Different, or to stand out” in Yoruba (a South Western Nigerian language) and Eyato certainly succeeds in doing this with its range of sophisticated and unique pieces.  All pieces are handmade and made to measure for all clients.

Eyato is designed with the high-end couture client in mind. Eyato’s clients cut across all the roles women occupy in society today; mothers, wives, businesswomen and politicians. Eyato women are bold and unapologetic about their confidence and they dare to put their femininity at the forefront of their everyday lives.

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