How Much Should You Pay Influencers?

Working with influencers has become an important part of the PR and branding building mix. By working with influencers brands can reach audiences that traditional advertising, PR and marketing campaigns might miss and the ROI can be very beneficial. Influencers very often have a captive audience, their followers have become their digital tribe and so whatever they showcase, discuss, comment on draws the attention of their followers. Influencer marketing therefore has become big business; in the UK alone “one in four Brits has bought a product as a direct result of social influencer recommendations – but 42% called for content creators and influencers to curb the fake news and offensive opinions” according to research from Golin (2018). This highlights the need for transparency from influencers and brands as advertising regulations stipulate that all paid for content should be made clear. If you are willing to pay for content creation the question that often arises, particularly for small brands, is how much they should pay for influencer marketing.  Brands are not always sure how much they should be paying or if they should be paying in the first place.

A few things to keep in mind as you watch this video:

  • Be clear on the audience you want to attract by working with an influencer of any size.

  • Always do your research and due diligence on them – do not get caught up in the follower count of an influencer.

  • Build a relationship with the influencers that you want to work with

  • Be respectful of an influencer’s platform – they cannot be dictated to.

This video will give you some key tips that you should keep in mind when building relationships with influencers. Watch and share your thoughts.

This infographic is a useful tool in understand the value of influencer marketing and includes some useful points to pay attention to including follower count vs engagement.


Caribbean Tourism Celebrated By Diasporan Influencers and Media in London

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Caribbean Tourism Celebrated By Diasporan Influencers and Media in London

Angie LeMar and Brenda Emmanus.JPG

On Friday 21st September 2018 The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) hosted a Diaspora Media Lunch in Central London which included key influencers, business people, media editors, journalists and celebrity media personalities including Angie Le Mar, Angie Greaves and Brenda Emmanus.

With a luxurious champagne reception networking lunch the energy and atmosphere on the day mirrored the charm of the Caribbean itself.  CTO partners ; Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc, Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Grenada Tourism Authority, Newmont Travel and Playa & Jewel Resorts gave short presentations highlighting their core areas. Guests were also given the opportunity to feedback on how they could work with the CTO and its partners, and become more effective brand ambassadors in their own right. Guests were enthusiastic and excited to share their views and welcomed the opportunity to network at this high level event.

CTO diaspora lunch.JPG

“The Caribbean is a popular holiday destination and we want to ensure that more members of the diaspora across The Caribbean and Africa see it is as a destination to travel to beyond connecting with family. It is important that the diaspora feels that they can enjoy all that The Caribbean has to offer and that we include our diasporan representatives in an active dialogue in engaging with our members and partners. This is an exciting opportunity to develop relationships with individuals who are just as passionate about The Caribbean as we are” – Carol Hay - Director of Marketing UK & Europe, CTO

The CTO with headquarters in Barbados and offices in New York and London, is the Caribbean’s tourism development agency comprising membership of the region’s finest countries and territories including Dutch, English, French and Spanish, as well as a myriad of private sector allied members. The CTO’s vision is to position the Caribbean as the most desirable, year round, warm weather destination, and its purpose is Leading Sustainable Tourism - One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean.

The lunch was one of the first steps in engaging with the Diaspora ensuring that active relationships are developed to realise the CTO’s over all vision.  

Interview requests

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For further press information please contact Jamie-Lee Abtar, Business Development Manager- UK or telephone 0208 948 0057.

 The CTO’s Headquarters is located at Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados BB 22026; Tel: (246) 427-5242; Fax: (246) 429-3065; E-mail:

The CTO’s New York office is located at 80 Broad St., Suite 3302, New York, NY 10004, USA: Tel: (212) 635-9530; Fax: (212) 635-9511; E-mail:

The CTO’s London office is located at Suites 52A & 53, 5th Floor AMP House, Dingwall Road, Croydon CR0 2LX, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 208 948 0057; E-mail:


Notes To Editor

Among the benefits to its members the organization provides specialized support and technical assistance in sustainable tourism development, marketing, communications, advocacy, human resource development, event planning & execution and research & information technology.

In addition the CTO, in partnership with the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, jointly and equally owns the Caribbean Tourism Development Company, a marketing and business development entity dedicated to promoting the Caribbean brand worldwide.