London Based Social Enterprise Launches Crowd Funding Campaign To Support Ballet Lessons For Children in Deprived Areas


London Based Social Enterprise Launches Crowd Funding Campaign To Support Ballet Lessons For Children in Deprived Areas

The 2inspire Academy School of Performing Arts was set up in February 2015 as a project under the 2inspire Academy CIC. The Performing Arts School provides affordable opportunities for children to engage in performing arts activities in the South East London Community. The school has initially focused on introducing ballet lessons due to the numerous benefits associated with ballet dance form. There is also a lack of opportunities for children from different ethnic backgrounds to study, particularly those that in live in deprived areas.

The 2inspire Academy School of Performing Arts began ballet classes at Halton Court in Kidbrooke Village in February 2015  and in September 2015, expanded to run further classes at Brookhill Children’s Centre in Woolwich in partnership with Homestart UK.  These classes were specifically targeted towards families from low income families and fees are subsidised by 50% for those families in receipt of benefits. 

The 2inspire Academy’s mission is to help a wider range of children and young people to access the arts in their local communities by expanding and touching the lives of deserving children from underprivileged backgrounds and also by providing better facilities for students who are currently on the programme. The team would also like to provide routes of progression for current students which would allow them to have aspirations and reach their potential in performing arts and ballet. This crowd funding campaign will give the academy an opportunity to expand. 

In order to meet fully achieve their aims, the 2inspire Academy will need to rely on funding, and the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. Without the support of community–minded individuals the social enterprise would not have been able to serve those who are discovering the true benefits of ballet. Aside from financial donations, the school accepts alternative donations of ballet wear, ballet slippers or dance studio resources for students. Help this social enterprise make a difference in the lives of those who would not have a chance to access the beautiful world of ballet.

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2inspire Academy CIC is an organisation that runs projects that empower and inspire in local communities. We aim to be a leader on improving the life chances of these groups on a national level and assist in tackling social issues such as worklessness, anti-social behaviour and demoralised and disenfranchised communities.

When the academy was initially formed in March 2013 it was a project that was set up by a group of young people to meet the needs of young people. In May 2015 the Academy became a CIC and the work and direction of the organisation now encompasses children, young people and women.


One of our core objectives is to work in partnership with organisations, community groups, local government and housing associations so as to meet the needs of our target groups. 

Aims and objectives of our projects for the groups we engage 

· To help them focus on what's important for them now and in the future, providing them with

  access to positive opportunities and role models.

· To enable them to make informed decisions, increase their skills and achieve personal targets to become

          confident active citizens within their communities. 

· To meet their educational, professional, entrepreneurial and employability needs .

· To meet their emotional, personal, health, life-skills and development milestones .

· To help them to meet their social and interpersonal needs.

· To Create opportunities for positive engagement with the wider community.

Aims of Crowd funding Appeal:

·        To  purchase ballet barres and mirrors for use  in classes so that students can develop their skills and progress to examination standard.

·        To be able to pay the exam fees for the students who are from low income families.

·        To provide subsidised uniform for students so they have a sense of belonging and are able to compete on behalf of the school in the near future.

·        To organise trips to see live Ballet performances and provide platforms for the students to perform in front of audiences.

About The Classes

As of September 2016 we run:

*Two classes at One Space in Kidbrooke which has 11 children in attendance. (3-4  & 5-6 age group)

*Four classes at Brookhill Childrens Centre in Woolwich which has 34 children in attendance.(3-4x2,5-6 & 7-12 age group)

Benefits of ballet

Ballet is a form of the arts which can assist to improve the development of children in their early years.  

Benefits include:

*Nurture Confidence
*Enhance focus
* Promote bonding
*Enable children to learn strength, flexibility & movement
* Enrich cultural knowledge
*Platform for self-expression