How Entrepreneurs can Improve their Relationship with Social Media

Entrepreneurs and social media haven't always been the best combination and it is such a shame. I have always encouraged my PR clients and anyone who has sought advice from me in business to get to grips with social media. All entrepreneurs should get to grips with social media as a means of promoting their businesses as well as a way to showcase their own personal brand. By understanding social media, entrepreneurs can understand which platforms work best for them, what to use and what not to use for this business brands. It also gives them the opportunity to share their own stories without having to necessarily wait for traditional media to profile their businesses. Social media is powerful and not understanding or liking it is no longer an excuse to not use it because when used correctly social media can lead to more business. Social media has been known enhance reputations as well as damage them so understanding its power is essential.

According to research by Dr. Molly Wasko and Carlene Cassidy of The UAB Collat School of Business, many business owners are hesitant to jump onto the social media bandwagon. Their infographic sheds light on why entrepreneurs hesitate when it comes to using social and how they can overcome their fears by easing into Facebook, Twitter and other social media worlds: