The UK’s Only Online Magazine Dedicated To Beauty For Women of Colour Relaunches


The UK’s Only Online Magazine Dedicated To Beauty For Women of Colour Relaunches

With over 15 years of journalism and marketing experience, Ronke Adeyemi founded in 2014 after being tired of seeing little or no coverage of beauty products for women of colour in the UK. Rather than debate and talk about the issue of exclusion and diversity, Ronke decided to set the website up herself, self-funding the project and sourcing freelance writers for content.

In May 2017 has relaunched with a brand new look and attitude. The website aimed at Women of Colour (WoC) in the UK will feature more beauty product reviews with a heavy focus on foundation, concealers and haircare. The site will cater towards more purse friendly beauty products and operate a no bullshit beauty attitude as an unapologetic celebration of women of colour who are often invisible in the media.

“With so many beauty products being launched every week it can be very overwhelming for our readers who don’t have the time or the budget to delve into all of them. Our aim is to test these products out and share the results, with particular focus on whether they suit the various skin and hair types of WOC.” – Ronke Adeyemi, Founder and Editor In Chief of

Ronke Adeyemi, Founder of BrownBeautyTalk

Ronke Adeyemi, Founder of BrownBeautyTalk

The website will also feature videos for the first time where events will be showcased and site visitors will be taken behind the scenes of some of their favourite beauty brands. The overall aim is to create an online space where WoC can come together and share their love of beauty.  As well as the website the brownbeautytalk hosts the #BBT Twitter discussion which takes place every Sunday between 8pm and 9pm.

Ronke Adeyemi set up the as a platform where Women of Colour (WoC) could discuss beauty issues that affect them without fear of judgement. The site has covered everything from finding the right foundation, WoC who run their own beauty businesses, body image, sun care for WoC and reclaiming natural afro hair. It has received international coverage and will continue to be at the forefront of hair and beauty discussions for WoC in the UK.

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Notes To Editor:

Founder, Ronke Adeyemi has worked for a wide variety of companies in the B2B and B2C sector.  She is a creative, professional and motivated digital marketer who has proven success of implementing and strategic planning of branding and merchandising projects. She also has a real passion for Social Media platforms which she utilises to spread awareness about the brands she has worked with. has gained a loyal following as well as a lot of media coverage on the BBC, The Voice, Pride, Black Hair and on several beauty blog. She has also collaborated with several beauty brands such as Mavala, Antonia Burrell, Fashion Fair and Anita Grant. brownbeautytalk was launched this April as an online magazine that covers beauty news, events and product reviews for WoC.