Ariatu PR Client Wins International Business Woman Award

Genevieve Puni, Founder of Rectrain Ltd, has won International Business Woman Award at TheWomen4Africa Awards 2015.
The need for economic growth and business development is crucial for the long term success of Africa's position in the global business arena and Genevieve is at the forefront of making this happen on the continent. She believes that there is a need for the 'Brain Drain' dynamic to reach the core of African business and understands that there are individuals in the UK, Europe & the USA and in Africa itself who are keen to be part of Africa's long term economic growth.   

By assessing clients' needs and criteria RecTrain Limited is able to use its unique selection methods to review some of the best professionals and graduates on its database.  By recognising the potential in these individuals, Genevieve hopes to increase awareness of the positive change that Africa is currently undergoing.  There is a new dawn for change, individuals no longer have to look to the West for better jobs, Africa is now offering a brighter future on the horizon. She is humbled and honoured to have won this award.