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How To Break Into The PR Industry

This is a great graphic representation of tips and advice on how individuals either looking for a career change or graduates can break into Public Relations. There is a common theme across all the advice: Do your own PR! Make yourself visibible and willing to learn as you would if you were representing a PR client.

How To Break Into The PR Industry

4 Essential Pillars Of Crisis Management

Crisis Management is something that most businesses, big or small need to prepare for but not enough do. We see what happens time and time again to major corporations when they don't handle a crisis effectively and small businesses have struggled to cope with the negative backlash of ineffective communications during a crisis.

Here's a video on how to deal with a PR crisis:

The following infographic provides further context to this video with 4 Essential Pillars of Crisis Management:

  • Monitoring - Assess everything that is being said offline and online about the brand.
  • Proactivity - Be ready to engage.
  • Action - Be responsive and available.
  • Learning - Learn from the mistakes and improve.

Use these pillars as a guide the next time you're faced with a crisis in your business or team.