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Four High Impact Ways to Promote Your Food Brand

After working with a number of food businesses since starting this business I have figured out four very simple ways that EVERY single food business can promote their brands. 

Invest in Good Visuals

Food photography is an amazingly powerful way of showcasing a brand, with the right images a simple meal can look like a work of art. Make sure you take the time to invest in good photography for your website, promotional material and social media. Review your food photography every year (bi-annually preferably) and if you change your menu make sure you get a new set of images done. Build a relationship with a reliable photographer so that they can become part of your food business journey. If you have food products it is possible to keep images for longer but its still worth considering refreshing them every couple of years as your range grows.

igor miske

If you are a start up and cannot afford to hire a photographer (I really encourage you to try to save up for professional photography) then invest in a quality camera, lighting and take good pictures - there are even good camera phones on the market however it might be worth taking a short course on how to use your phone effectively. Just make sure your images look good enough to eat!

Use Social Media

This might seem obvious but sometimes the most obvious seems to cause the most anxiety for some new business owners. Social media is one of the most effective ways of promoting a business and once you learn how to use the right platforms for your business you can turn followers into customers. The best social media platforms for food businesses from my experience are:

  • Instagram - Great visual platform
  • Facebook - Great customer relationship building platform
  • YouTube - Powerful means of engaging with customer base
  • Twitter - Combined with simplicity of structure and quality images can be a great way to engage with customers.

Here's an eGuide that you can use that will teach you how to use social media effectively and provides more details on how to develop a social media strategy.

Invest in Public Relations

There are so many ways to use PR to build your food business credibility and enhance your brand visibility. Aside from getting standard press coverage it is a great way to solidify customer relations, build trust and incorporate your food business story into a long term PR strategy. Getting media coverage for your food brand is a great way to enhance your food brand's visibility. Being featured on traditional media outlets such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines is always going to be powerful but do not lose sight of new media platforms such as blogs and podcasts. Working with bloggers can be a great way to develop a digital footprint that makes an impact and also promote your food brand consistently.

You can also use PR to understand how to deal with a crisis if that ever becomes an issue for your food business. Take the time to attend seminars, hire a quality PR agency or keep reading and watching videos on how PR can help your business.

Create Video Content

Videos are such a powerful and easy way to promote food businesses. Using videos to give an insight into your food business journey or provide customers with a chance to take a look behind the scenes can build a bond between brands and their customer base.

  • Livestream - Periscope on twitter, Facebook Live and Instagram gives you a chance to tell a story and show your customers a different perspective into your business. Film while you're creating, in the kitchen or at an event! It's easy and fun.
  • YouTube - There is absolutely no reason why your food business can't have a food channel on YouTube. It offers an opportunity for you as the founder to showcase your skills and it can really bring your food brand to life. It doesn't have to be "TV perfect" it just has to be clear and easy to listen to, so get a good camera/camera-phone and a well lit kitchen and get filming.
  • Clips on social media - Short clips on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook are sometimes the best way to make an impact. They can go viral in the blink of an eye and change the way your food business is received pretty much overnight. A great example is a Turkish chef named Nusret Gökçe whose Instagram clip of himself seasoning a steak was one of the most shared visuals in 2017. It not only turned him into an online celebrity but the impact on his chain of Nusr-et steak restaurants was immense! I can't wait for him to open one in London. Of course there is no way of knowing whether your clip will go viral, that's something you can't control but if you persist and are consistent it will make an impact on your food brand.

Ottoman steak 🔪

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I hope that you have found these tips useful and that you get to work using them in your food business.

Black British Make Up Brand For Women of Colour Launches Independent High Street Store


Black British Make Up Brand For Women of Colour Launches Independent High Street Store and Expands Range

MoMineral Shop 5.JPG

MoMineral Makeup was launched in 2015 when its founder Omolara Tayo-Sobajo saw a huge gap in the market for Natural Makeup products for black women and women of colour. As a passionate advocate for ‘many shades of beauty’, Omolara identified that mainstream makeup brands were not formulated with women of colour in mind despite countless campaigns from women in ethnic minority communities to change this. Even with major brands and celebrity endorsements making an impact, MoMineral Makeup still believes that there are opportunities for independent brands to provide high quality products for our ladies & women.

At the end of 2017, MoMineral upgraded its website and launched its first Makeup & Crafts shop in Derby, UK to cater for the community. The shop in addition to retailing their range of high quality makeup products,  showcases handmade African jewellery, interior decorations and more under the MoCraftsUK brand. The space also serves as a creative hub for start-up and young businesses targeting Ethnic Minority Communities in the UK (MoCreatives HUB).

“MoMineral Makeup was created to provide African, Asian and Caribbean women with more healthy choice when it comes to makeup products formulated with natural ingredients.” – Omolara Tayo Sobajo.


Omolara Tayo-Sobajo holds a degree in Microbiology, worked as a freelance makeup artist for about 7 years and decided to bag an MBA to gain as much required scholar education (in addition to street education) to run a successful Enterprise.


“We call on women of colour who are often overlooked to support independent businesses like MoMineral Makeup. We believe that dark-skinned women in the UK in particular should have more choice and should not have to wait for major brands to validate their beauty needs. With the increase of celebrity endorsements we have noticed that major brands are now trying to play catch up and yet we have been here all along.” – Tayo Sobajo.


MoMineral Makeup is highly aware of the complex diversity of overtones and undertones because of the rich melanin pigment that many black women and women of colour have resulting in many shade variations. The company prides itself on having 12 to 16 shades of Foundation specifically formulated for skin tones for women of all shades (amongst their other products).

MoMineral products are formulated and manufactured with Natural Products in the United Kingdom, regulated and certified in accordance to the EU Cosmetics Regulation to provide melanin-rich skin with makeup products with skin healthy benefits.

This is an exciting time for the brand with the introduction of Compact Foundation range before Summer 2018 and with this new store the future is bright.


For Interviews, sample requests and profile features contact:

Ronke Lawal



Notes To Editor

Store Address:

Derby City Centre

62, Osmaston Road

Derby. DE1 2HZ

Twitter: @MomineralMakeup

Instagram: @momineralmakeup

Facebook @momineral

MoMineral makeup products are:
•    100% natural
•    Lightweight, does not block skin pore, allows the skin to breathe (non-comedogenic). 
•    Contains natural SPF 20 sunscreen protection. 
•    Dermatologically approved and suitable for post cosmetic procedures.
•    Halal friendly except for mascara which contains alcohol.
•    Complies with the EU Cosmetics Safety Regulations.
•    Made in the United Kingdom.

MoMineral products are free from: 
•    Mineral oil associated with clogging of skin pores.
•    Synthetic minerals such as Bismuth Oxychloride - a bye product of lead and copper refinery which is a common skin irritant.
•    Harmful chemicals, sensitizers such as perfumes/dye.
•    Preservatives, Talc and Nanoparticle minerals.

Meet The Talk Show Host Who wants To Give Black Women in Britain a Platform to Share Their Stories


Jo Maxwell

Meet The Talk Show Host Who wants To Give Black Women in Britain a Platform to Share Their Stories

British-Nigerian media personality, Jo (Ibijoke) Maxwell is not your typical talk show host. After studying Accounting and Finance, Jo changed careers to become an IT Specialist within the Financial Industry and developed a passion for the media when she struggled to find images of Black women consistently on British screens. She rarely saw black women and men on TV who reflected the positive success stories that she was surrounded by within her network. Jo is particularly passionate about seeing individuals within the Black community succeed in all of their endeavours; in their personal lives, careers, businesses. She decided to launch her very own talk show to give women an opportunity to showcase these successes and counteract the lack of visibility for Black women in the UK within Mainstream media. Her show also features inspirational black men who enrich their communities.

The Jo Maxwell Show was launched on YouTube in 2017 with the first season “PEPTALK”, covering a range of topics that pushed the boundaries of the usual conversations within the Black Community in the UK. Using a new media platform like YouTube has given Jo the opportunity to take control of a positive narrative and reach a far wider audience without relying on traditional media.

“I decided to undertake this journey to allow me to showcase some of the inspiring and amazing black people who have done so well for themselves in the UK. I also wanted to tackle real life issues and topics that the Black British Community is not always confident in talking about  i.e. Child Sexual Abuse, Why African men do not like to marry older women, Should a Woman downplay her success to keep a Man, Domestic Violence and more” –  Jo Maxwell

The Jo Maxwell Show reminds black women from across the diaspora in the UK and internationally that there is really no box to think out of and that there is no limit to their potential. In 2018 Jo will be releasing the 2nd series of PEPTALK aimed at Black women from all over the world and The UK including African and Caribbean diaspora and African-American community and a new show called One to One, aimed at Black men and women across the world. The show is currently based in the UK but the power of YouTube means that it has a global audience and Jo will be filming the show internationally in the future.

Jo believes that everyone exists to add value to people around them and the world they live in. The Jo Maxwell show motto is to “Stand out and make a difference.”

For more information, interview requests and images

Ronke Lawal


Media links







Notes To Editor

Jo (Ibijoke) Maxwell is a wife and mother to three beautiful children. Currently works as an IT specialist within the Financial Industry.

Jo is the Visionary and Founder of Passionate Empowered Profession (PEP) Network, A network aimed at bringing together all career women living and working in the UK. She is also a Co-Host on Bestof2podcast with Bimbola Osagie. The podcast is available on iTunes and Soundcloud for your enjoyment.