Press Release Distribution Service


Press Release Distribution Service


This is the perfect service for any small business or entrepreneur that already has a press release but wants to send it out to a dedicated list. We will send your press release out once to our dedicated media lists and send any responses to the press release directly to client.

Our lists include:

  • Small Business Media

  • African-Caribbean Media

  • Lifestyle Media - including food & luxury

  • Women in Business focused journalists

  • Entrepreneurship focused journalists

Please note that this is not an ongoing monthly retainer service - for full price packages email

These are one stop shop services which are designed for business owners with limited budgets. 

These are not the extensive PR services that Ariatu PR offers.

Cancellations* must be made within 7 days of order being placed. After which point a refund will be made less a £50 termination fee. This is based on no work being undertaken. If work has already commenced services are not refundable but transferable.

Cancellations on the grounds of a change of business circumstances.

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