Micro Media Relations Package


Micro Media Relations Package


A Micro Media Relations one off package for small businesses, creative enterprises and entrepreneurs on the basis of one press release being sent to Ariatu PR extensive press list as well as targeted media outlets specific to client needs within a maximum of 4 weeks/1 month – Includes press release editing (client provides press release), basic media relations (across traditional & new media) and social media amplification of the Small Business Founder/Brand. This is an ideal taster service for those who have never engaged with the media before or those who have a product or service announcement.

How it works:

  • Discuss media relations strategy and story angle in line with overall PR strategy.

  • Edit press release based on story angle on behalf of client - press release is to be provided by client, press release writing is a separate service if required order here.

  • Pitch story to journalists and allow for a 4 week story cycle. Gather coverage updates and use social media to share any coverage.

Please note that this is not an ongoing monthly retainer service - for full price packages email info@ariatupr.com

These are one stop shop services which are designed for business owners with limited budgets or small projects which do not require retainers. 

These are not the extensive PR services that Ariatu PR offers.

Cancellations* must be made within 7 days of order being placed. After which point a refund will be made less a £50 termination fee. This is based on no work being undertaken. If work has already commenced services are not refundable but transferable.

*Cancellations on the grounds of a change of business circumstances.

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